Teeth whitening kit

Teeth whitening kit

A few years ago I was sent a teeth whitening kit that I adored, teeth whitening has become a popular way for us normal folks to boost our smiles, this can be done at the dentist for quite a high price. However, the products that you can purchase at home these days are highly comparable to dentist treatments.

Teeth whitening kits have been increasing in popularity over the last 5 years especially kits that can be used at home. There has been some mixed reviews about the effectiveness and some safety concerns. However from experience I have had some good results. I have always visited my dentist for teeth whitening, which costed around $350 at the time. However after kindly receiving the product  through the mail, it is only fair that I give an account of the results.

The teeth whitening kit was sent to me by Think Bizzle and Smile. The main  active Ingredient in their gel that causes the whitening is Carbamide peroxide, Think Bizzle and Smile offer strengths from 16% to 44%, they recommend that a 22% kit is used initially if you have never undergone the procedure or if you have known sensitivity to hot and cold foods or peroxide products. However, If you want to avoid peroxide all together they do offer a non peroxide version of the product

I was sent the Deluxe Double syringe teeth whitening kit, which contained 1 22% gel and 1 36% Gel, there was also a set of trays included and a LED light to help accelerate the whitening process. I initially used the 22% gel and I started to see results within 3 days, the colour of my teeth had already started to improve by 2 shades. I didn’t have any sensitivity to the 22%, the instructions were clear, but must be followed to the T, to ensure you do not get any of the gel on your gums.


After a week I saw good results, the stains had been removed but I could still visibly see a yellow ridge at the gum line. I decided to up the ante, and use the 36% Carbamide peroxide syringe. Whilst this gel is stronger I had to take good care applying the gel directly to each tooth, as well as using the vitamins E Oil which acts as a  barrier just incase some of the gel comes into contact with the teeth in error.

The results I got from the stronger gel were amazing, my teeth were 7 shades whiter, which was a great result. I have always had pretty decent teeth however they were in need of a spring clean. If you want more information on the product check out their website at Think Bizzle and Smile.

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